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Womens Weight Loss Success Stories is an inspirational spot that offers free weight loss help. Our focus is on weight loss for women; lose weight along with me!

When I was a grossly overweight woman

Are you overweight? Are you ashamed of how far you've let yourself go and now you wonder how you can ever fight your way back? Are you sick and tired of being fat and out of shape?

Is it hard to find clothes that fit well or that look good on you? Do you long to be proud of how you look?

If that sounds familiar, believe me... I know exactly how you feel.

Hi there, I'm Kathi, and this is my website. I can hardly believe how big I got... it's embarrassing really. That's "fat me" in the picture to the right. And I gained a few more pounds (OK, ten more) after that was taken. Oh my... not how I had hoped to look on my wedding day. Embarrassing, really... but that's old news now! I'm feeling pretty good these days compared to how I looked back then. If you look at my personal weight loss success story page you can read more about my struggle with losing all those extra pounds.

Here's some good news, though...

Or, to be more correct, let me say, here's some comforting news... We are NOT alone!

Our World Is Getting Ever More Overweight

Happiness is being a weight loss success story!

It's a fact... throughout developed countries today, most of the population weighs too much... as many as 1 billion people do not have their weight in a healthy range. In the United States, 2/3 of us are overweight! That's a pretty sobering statistic. For those of us in our 50s, obesity in adults has increased by 60% just during our middle years.

Perhaps most disturbing is that our kids and grandkids are getting fatter each year too. And why not, with us adults as role models?

Diseases of obesity are also on the rise, including prediabetes and type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, osteoarthritis, cancer and heart disease.

How Did This Happen?

Experts feel this is a pretty easy question to answer... we're all getting fatter from eating the wrong foods or the wrong amounts of food, plus an alarming lack of exercise.

The rising epidemic of an overweight population can be tracked to the significant changes in society and in behavioral patterns of communities over recent decades. Economic changes, cultural changes and worldwide nutrition transition are all playing a part in these changes.

OK... So?

OK, I hear you saying... you already know lots of people weigh too much, including you. So what's the point of this site?

Well... I'm one of you and I embarked on my own journey to become one of those weight loss success stories you hear about at the beginning of 2010. My goal at the outset was to lose 50 pounds. Because the struggle to lose pounds can be lonely sometimes, I thought it might be fun to build a community of sorts of people like me (that is, women over the age of 50 and dealing with being overweight) who want to make changes in their lives and get healthier.

I am using this project as a way to document my own weight loss success story... sharing the ups, downs, triumphs and setbacks. What works... and what doesn't... for me anyway. But I also want to provide a place where my readers can document stories of their own weight loss successes!

What Else You'll Find Here...

Kathi in June 2010

Besides our inspirational stories of weight loss, you'll also be able to find lots of advice about ways to help you lose pounds and fat... This site isn't meant to be just all about me... it's meant to be all about you too!

I'll only be teaching healthy methods for losing weight, how to do it the slow, safe and steady way... not about fast weight loss fads. Information about how and what to eat, exercise and more. Over time, I'll try to touch on all the healthy ways you can lose weight. That way we can take this journey to better health together!

And remember, since this website is all about women's weight loss success stories, you can share your own journey too, by participating in our various "Your Turn" sections of the site.

One Other Thing...

Every website should have a point of view, and mine is that of a post-menopausal overweight woman in her 50s. So that's who I'm mostly aiming at with this website too. Not to say if you're a young woman or a man of any age, you're not welcome here.

You definitely are... but the site will be mostly focused around helping women like me knock down the unique barriers to losing weight that occur in your menopausal years and as you grow older.

So if you can use some of the tips and inspiration you'll find here even if you don't fit that mold, great! We'd love to have you become one of our weight loss success stories too!

We CAN do this...
Kathi's Signature

Next Steps...

When I find a new website, I like to poke around on the navigation menu or the site map to find what interests me. But if you're looking for a little more direction, then you can click on the graphics/links below to explore the various sections of this site...

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Learn how to eat right through healthy nutrition to lose fatUse exercises to lose weight & get rid of your fat!All about calories and weight loss
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be patient with me... I'm working on it!

Please NOTE: The information on this website is for informational purposes only. It is not intended as medical or professional advice. Anyone considering starting a weight loss program should consult with their doctor first.

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