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Trying to lose weight alone can be hard, but when you have the support of others who know what you're going through, it gets a bit easier. That's one reason I put together this free weight loss newsletter... just for my loyal subscribers. Each week, I'll send you quick and easy weight loss tips that you can put to use immediately.

Here's what it'll include:

  • Tips on the best methods for losing weight
  • Advice on how to adopt healthier lifestyle habits
  • Updates on this site, including new stories and tips from my readers
  • Reviews of weight loss resources
  • Healthy affirmations
  • ... And probably much more!

Also, I'll be passing on insider tips, coupons and contest notifications exclusively to my subscribers. There won't be any other way to get these types of information. I really want to make it worth your while to subscribe! Smile

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I understand that it seems like every website you go on these days is trying to get you to give up your personal info, including your name and email address, so they can send you all kinds of junk. And I see that many of my visitors on my various websites won't even leave their name on the reviews and questions they post. I get it... believe me. I am deluged with spam every day of my life, and it stinks.

Just me, Kathi MacNaughton

All I can tell you is that I am an ethical caring person who will never use your information for anything other than to send you the weight loss news, updates and tips I've described. I won't sell, trade or share your information with ANYone else, ever.

It's your decision whether or not to trust me enough to give up your info. But I hope you can tell from everything I've written all over this site the caliber of person I am.

Here's the deal... the email you get from me each week will be of a consistent quality and length. You WILL want to open it!

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Please NOTE: The information on this website is for informational purposes only. It is not intended as medical or professional advice. Anyone considering starting a weight loss program should consult with their doctor first.

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