Struggling With An Inability
to Lose Weight?

Wondering "How Do I Lose Weight?"...
or Thinking "I Can't Lose Weight!"?

If you've struggled with an inability to lose weight or asked, "How DO I lose weight?" then this page is for you. Get suggestions when "I can't lose weight" is your complaint. Or read others' solutions to common barriers to losing pounds...

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Losing weight is like climbing uphill

Let's face it... if losing weight were easy, no one would be overweight in the first place. But losing weight isn't easy... it's darn hard... kind of feels like climbing an endless uphill trail, doesn't it?

I've talked elsewhere on the site about common barriers to losing weight or to maintaining your motivation mojo, but on this page, I thought it might be fun to give YOU a place to share your biggest weight loss challenges, and how you overcame them. (Or even just to ask for others's advice and tips on overcoming them.)

For instance, if getting motivated to exercise stops you from losing as much weight as you'd like, have you found that getting an exercise buddy helps? Or what about finding an activity you really like, such as line dancing or Zumba? Or maybe ice cream has always been your downfall... instead of avoiding it altogether, does frozen yogurt take care of your craving for ice cream?

Those are just a few examples things overweight women like us struggle with and tips for dealing with them... I'm sure you can think of many of your own, can't you?

So, c'mon... let's share!

What Is Your Biggest Barrier to Losing Weight?

Losing weight is hard for most of us. And each of us has different reasons why we struggle. Experts call these barriers to change. What is your biggest barrier to losing weight? Is it that you're an emotional eater? Do you hate working out? Is your family unsupportive in some way? C'mon... share!

Thanks, everyone, for sharing your struggles, as well as your free weight loss tips!

And remember, if you seem to have an inability to lose weight successfully, you are NOT alone... and nothing is impossible. You just have to keep working at it... and maybe try a different approach. All good things will happen in time...

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