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You can get a lot of general weight loss information and tips about losing weight here on this site. But you can't get personalized medical advice. The best place to go for that kind of help is your own personal physician. But not everyone can afford to do that these days. I know it's hard for me to do, without having health insurance.

So, I've partnered with to provide this "Ask a Doctor" service for people who need it. There is a small fee for the service, but if you really need help that I can't provide, it's one way to go. Totally up to you, though! And don't worry... your conversation with the doctor will be completely confidential. I won't see it... and it won't get published anywhere either. It's just between you and the doctor...

By the way, you can ask a doctor any kind of medical question you might have... not just weight loss questions!

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Please NOTE: The information on this website is for informational purposes only. It is not intended as medical or professional advice. Anyone considering starting a weight loss program should consult with their doctor first.

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