3/31/10 - Found My Motivation & Getting Results!

by Kathi
(Boise, ID)

I've been in my weight loss plan for over 2 months now and I'm happy to say I'm losing weight steadily, though slowly, and I'm feeling great!

I haven't dropped any sizes yet, but my clothes are definitely feeling looser. And I can see slight changes in my body.

I've lost a bit over 10 pounds. Actually I'm down about 14 now, but I was sick over the weekend and expect some of that to come back as I start eating 1100 calories again.

I've been pretty consistent on getting to the gym for my workouts, usually 5 days a week, sometimes 6, with a hike on Sundays. And I'm enjoying the workouts too. I mix up what I do a lot, because I'm easily bored and that keeps me coming back for more.

The great thing is that workouts are getting easier and easier now. I have to work a lot harder to get my heart rate into a target range, which is pretty exciting.

Hot mother of the bride, here I come!

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