Get moving! Get walking!

by Caroline

What a silly picture:-)

What a silly picture:-)

Really it's as simple as that - get moving, be more active than you have been.

I'm naturally a greedy person, I love chocolate, cream cakes, ice creams - if it's bad for me, I love it! Don't get me wrong... I really like to eat healthy too, but I do have a weakness for naughty foods.

It was never a problem when I was younger, I could eat what I liked and never put on a pound, but at around 45 years old, things began to change and little by little, my weight crept up.

I love to exercise; it feels really good when I've done a workout or been to the gym, but I'm busy and don't always have the time to take a class so I walk, yes walk.

Just plain ordinary walking with my dogs, that means I'm doing something really useful and reducing or maintaining my weight.

In January 2010, I felt there was more weight sitting around my midriff than was good for me. I weighed 75kg, and was struggling to get into my clothes. My target weight was 68kg, a massive 7kg to lose.

I bought a pedometer and set a personal target of 10,000 steps a day - I didn't always make it but even so, gradually, the weight started to go and by the end of June I was there at 68kg.

I was kept on the straight and narrow by the guys at by using their points system. I continue to use walking as a major component of my weight management - it's easy, anyone can do it and it is free.

Caroline from - great living healthy tips for all midlife women!

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Sep 08, 2010
by: JC

Exciting!! YOu look great

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