Overdue Update & Recommitment to My Weight Loss Journey

by Kathi, Site Owner
(Boise, ID)

OK, ashamed as I am to admit it, I stumbled in my weight loss journey and I just stopped trying. I hit a plateau I couldn't seem to get off of and so I lost my way.

Gained back 5 pounds over the past year and stopped exercising as regularly, though I still keep Zumba-ing at least a couple times a week. Still ate healthy, but probably too large portions.

The more things stayed the same, the more discouraged I got. I stopped working on this site and on my blog.

But, finally, I am trying again. Not trying... DOING!

I'll work on this site again and I'll keep you updated on my own progress. You can read my blog here...

Let's DO this! :)

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